Spinning Coins


Laughter and Tears.  Fear and Freedom.  Suffering and Joy.

Combining story, spoken word, and original sound & music, Spinning Coins is a new contemporary dance piece, an ode to the celebration of life within the shit of life’s daily struggles.

It's winning or losing...let the battles begin!

Very excited to be working with Emma Deakin, Yuyu Rau, Hubert Essakow and Dominic Warwick on a new dance piece for Resolution! 2015 at The Place in January 2015.  


Here is the soundtrack I created for the show.


  reviews from The Place


 "Kudos to Martyn Duffy’s

  bristling, percolating

  sound design."


                          Donald Hutera


Great to be able to help Shane and the team with Sound Design for this

Superheroines I Have Known & Loved brings together leading artists from different disciplines to create a performance which features comedy, spoken word, illustration and live music from a string quartet.

A performer weaves poems and songs into comic, autobiographical reflections on his troubled relationship with women, and why it’s both important - and tricky - to reflect upon gender equality from a man’s perspective.

Written by Shane Solanki

Directed by Hetain Patel

Musical direction by Amy Wilson

Murder Margaret & Me

in New York


name has been changed for copyright reasons


Gilded Balloon presents Murder, Margaret, and Me at the New York International Fringe Festival, August 2014

So pleased that Janet was able to take MM&Me to the New York Theatre Fringe festival.  

And congratulations for being picked for transfer to the Pick of the Fringe.  Hope this leads to many more bookings Janet!


Sarring           Janet Prince

Director          Stella Duffy

Design           Cherry Truluck

Lighting          Marie Yokoyama

Sound            Martyn Duffy

"Sound Design by Martyn Duffy is flawless and sophisticated".

NY Theater Review by Marcina Zaccaria

Pleasance Theatre November 2013

​Performed at the Pleasance in Islington Expectaions by Emma Deakin directed by Stella Duffy.

Sound design by me.

Very excited by this.  It was my first fully composed-through sound design for live theatre.  

I was able to use original music with various electronic effects and sounds that suggested  medical settings and also others that hinted at 'other-worldly' settings while incorporating an overall sound theme based on the 4 syllable "ex-pec-tat-ions' motif.  Click here to hear more


Kiss me, Honey Honey

Gilded Balloon, Edinburgh August 2013

Congratulations for winning a Fringe First to Kiss Me Honey, Honey 

by Philip Meeks

directed by Sam Kane

at the Gilded Balloon at Edinburgh August 2013.  



Lighting  -  Paul Coopes

Sound    -  Martyn Duffy

Design   -  Gemma Fieller

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